The Cards Trust

The Cards Trust – an introduction

The Cards Trust is an independent supporters’ trust, established in 2010 as an Industrial and Provident Society, whose key aims are to:

  • work in partnership with Woking FC to ensure its viability and success
  • represent Woking FC supporters and ensure their voice is heard in decisions affecting the Club
  • provide a range of services and benefits for Trust members and other Woking FC supporters

The Trust has established itself as the principal body representing Woking FC fans following its merger with Woking FC Supporters’ Club in July 2011. It is currently the second largest shareholder in the Club.

In working to achieve its aims and in particular that of supporting the Club, the Trust has established its ‘Boost the Budget’ initiative, which currently provides £30,000 each season – money that is ring-fenced for the players’ budget.

Other current plans, including further fundraising and an initiative to increase Trust membership, are set out in a Trust Action Plan that is available on this site.

Membership, which includes an increasing number of discount opportunities, costs £10 for an adult; £20 for a family (up to 2 adults (16 years +) and any children under the age of 16); and £5 for Junior membership (under 16).

Latest News

Report on meeting between the Boards of The Cards Trust and Woking FC

Ian Nicholson - 31st March 2016

Report on meeting between the Boards of The Cards Trust and Woking FC

The Club Board and Cards Trust Board met in mid-March as part of a commitment to maintain good communication and increase transparency.

A lot of ground was covered with a focus on some of the communication challenges of the past 8 months alongside constructive suggestions for marketing the club better to the town – in particular to young people. There was also discussion of the budget setting process for the coming season. Some of the key points were:

• The Trust innovations of the past year, namely the 16-18 season ticket, Junior Cards and the 400 club have all been resounding successes and are highly appreciated. Junior Cards membership is approaching 100 and the youngsters will be going on a Wembley Stadium trip shortly. Thanks to those who have worked so hard to get these initiatives off the ground.

• A lengthy list of creative ideas for improved marketing of the club was presented and discussed briefly. A small group of supporters and Directors will meet to consider the ideas in more detail.

• The season has had challenges both on and off the pitch and circumstances have sometimes put the club on the back foot. While the Club have not always got it right lessons are always being learned – the Communications team deserve utmost credit for the professional handling of the media. Constructive feedback is always valued.

• Budget setting is complex at Woking as it is dependent on the confirmation of outside funding sources. However the budget process is in full swing and the Club Financial controller will meet with the Trust treasurer as soon as appropriate to talk through the club budget for next season for greater transparency.

• Season ticket and admission prices will remain the same as this season with the Early Bird season tickets being available from early April.

• Boost the Budget has, again met its £30,000 commitment and it is a vital and much valued source of additional funding. Goldrush has also had a bumper season and makes a much-valued contribution to club finances. Thank you to Woking’s supporters who, along with the fundraiser for the injured players, have been so generous.

• Woking as a club benefits from the wholehearted commitment of scores of hard working volunteers. There was a desire to show appreciation and a discussion on how best this can be done which will be considered again.

• Woking fans have been fantastic in their loyalty and support during the year. There have however been a number of isolated incidents, home and away, throughout the season which have damaged the reputation of the club and been drawn to the attention of the FA. Both parties are committed to maintaining Woking’s good reputation as a welcoming and friendly club.

The Club Board reinforced their desire to be as transparent and open as possible and praised the Trust and, more broadly, the fans for their support and understanding throughout the season. The Trust Board reiterated that any sensitive information would be treated in confidence. It was agreed that several similar meetings would be planned over the next 12 months.

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